Founded in 1978, the CYSTWJ turned 40 years old in 2018 – that’s four decades at the forefront of the travel and tourism media industry.

About Us

Founded in 1978, the Cyprus Society of Journalists and Authors represents Cyprus most professional and productive experts in the field of travel and tourism. The Association currently has almost 30 members — Cyprus writers, photographers, videographers, bloggers and social media mavens, as well as highly respected representatives of the travel industry from around the island.

CYSTWJ headquarters are in Nicosia City. The Society has active regional chapters in a variety of locations throughout the country.

Each year, CYSTWJ members gather for an ambitious and wide-ranging annual conference to exchange story ideas, explore new destinations and keep up to date on skills, trends and techniques.

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“La Pomme d’Or” or “The Golden Apple” is the FIJET equivalent of the Oscar. This award for excellence is presented each year to an organization, country, city, or person in recognition of superior efforts in promoting and raising the level of tourism. Since it was established in 1970, The FIJET Golden Apple Award has been presented to 43 recipients.

We cultivate relationships that result in relevant connections, comprehensive opportunities and successful outcomes. As a society, we strive for inclusivity, openness and forward-thinking in the ever-changing travel industry environment.