2023- Fijet Romania- Pro-Fundata Press Trip and Travel Fair 18-21 September

Dear all members,

With a big pleasure, I would like to inform you about  the trip  „Pro Fundata“-  Romania. The Fundata Travel Business Community and   Fijet Romania organized Fijet and Travel Agencies  press and business trip to  EU  Fundata between  18 and 21 September. The Fundata  Comunity  is a  travel  traditional community protecting nature and preserving the tradition in this  area. The purpose of this trip was promoting the Fundata area as a destination for nature lovers, a romantic place with traditional food, green area in the summer, snow  destination in winter. As you  have been informed,  Fijet  Romania  has chosen Fundata as  “The  best destination in Romania 2023”.

During  the trip,  Fundata  Community and Fijet Romania were organizing the special travel fair at an altitude of more than thousands metres  to present tourism offer to Fijet journalists and other international travel journalists and representatives of travel agencies from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

Fijet members were particularly pleased to see that the central theme throughout the event was focused on sustainability for the future, which is undoubtedly of utmost importance in today’s world. Organizers  showed us how important local, regional values are too. All the beauty of the province and friendliness is also expressed in project Flavours of Romania.

Fijet  members were  impressed by the activities of the various Fundata projects, which offer a tasteful combination of traditional, modern lifestyle elements with hospitality and focus on sustainable tourism. It was a unique experience  for  all  to attend “Fundata Fair” and to get to know the wild beauties of the Transilvanian  mountain and winter sports region. / See  some letters of thanks/.

On behalf of  Fijet, I would like  to  express special thanks to Stefan  Baciu, for his  efforts in presenting “Fundata Fair” to the international FIJET journalists. Special thanks to Fijet Romania members who contributed to  this successful trip. This is an occassion  to give special thanks  to the organizers,  Liviu  Mirea, President of Pro Fundata Community, George Perpelea, General Manager of the Euro Park Hotel and  Remus Visan, Manager Millenium Tour with their teams.

During Fijet Pro Fundata Fair 2023 in Romania last week,  George Papathanasopoulos (Fijet – Greece, President) presented a black & white photo of his father Dionysios Papathanasopoulos, -first Olympic torch runner for Melbourne Olympics 1956- given to Mayor Marian Florin Patea of Fundata (Carpathia) region, Romania. The photo will  be displayed in the local Olympics Games Museum.

Fijet  is  truly appreciated the opportunity to participate Fijet International Journalists and writers  in this event.  Attached please find photos, letters of thanks and the 1st Edition of  published  articles and posts( the power of digital communication).  With kind regards to all, Marijana Rebić, Secretary General, World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers – Cernicka 21, Zagreb, Croatia  –  marijana.rebic@zg.t-com.hr  www.fijetacademy.com

Thank you very much for your efforts and excellent workmanship, appreciated. Kind Regards,

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2023- Romanian TV -Antena 1 -Slobodan Kadic Interview.

2023- Fundata (Photo by Mikis Kasapis)

2023- Fundata (Photo by Sissi Munz) 

2023- Fundata (Photo by Sissi Munz)

2023- Fundata, Fijet members from Romania, Cyprus & Greece (Phillip Nicolaides Photo)

2023- Fundata (Photo by Sissi Munz)

2023- Fundata (Photo by Snezana Peric)

2023-Fundata – (Photo by Jacques Campe)

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