A message from Slovak journalists – Cyprus has always been Europe

Cyprus has always been Europe, that is the title of the book and the symbolic message of the island of Cyprus, which was presented to us by the ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in Bratislava, HE Michael Karagiorgis.We welcomed the ambassador’s meeting with journalists at the beginning of his new mission in the Slovak Republic. JE Michael Karagiorgis “briefly” recalled the historical and current situation of this island, in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, divided into two parts. In the discussion with journalists, he also addressed socio-economic issues with an emphasis on the cooperation of the Republic of Cyprus with Slovakia.

Journalists from FIJET SLOVAKIA were interested in information from the aspects of business and tourism. JE emphasized the most important prerequisite for the availability of the island. Air transport connects the island not only from nearby Vienna, but direct flights regularly go from Bratislava to Larnaca and Paphos. Transfers from the airports to individual seaside resorts on the island are quick and time-saving along the highway.

Ambassador Michael Karagiorgis also showed pride in his island with perfect information about the monuments that document the development of the island during the period of 12 thousand years until the present day.

In the aforementioned bilingual Greek-English book publication, one can find other archaeological, historical and cultural targets that a visitor from Slovakia may not have seen yet, or may not even know about. One of the examples: a set of 2000 terracotta figurines from the period 650-500 BC Half of the discovery of Swedish archaeologists in 1929-1930 at Ayia Irini can be seen in the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia in exhibition hall no. 4 ( https://www.visitcyprus.com/index.php/en/multimedia/56928-the-cyprus-museum-audio-guide-english )

Tourism and gastronomy are connected vessels. Cypriot and Greek delicacies made from original ingredients brought the atmosphere of the island closer, even though they were prepared by a specialized restaurant in Bratislava. In informal conversations, the ambassador and his wife pleased the journalists when they expressed the satisfaction of the whole family with life in Bratislava. They perceive the city as safe, with a pleasant environment between the green belt of the Small Carpathian Mountains and the Danube River. They perceive education and leisure activities for their children as an added value of life in Bratislava.

Meeting report and distribution: LOToS FIJET Slovakia

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Text and photo: Ľ. Nov

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