“All roads, rivers, rails lead to Budapest”

By Alexander York

Budapest & Beyond invites you not only to see the main features of this great capital. But to also show you the lesser-knowns here too. Many are relatively more nearby than perhaps expected. When I got beyond what’s obvious with the atmospheric Budapest tourist scene. My next quest was to see everything else.

Some of my stories and photographs may surprise you. As plenty of my-takes go beyond the average guidebooks. Some of the lesser-known locales, such as the charming, but still relatively not so well known Kőbánya alsó, a Pest suburb, and the scenic Budafok in South Buda, are, in parts, as equally intriguing as much else in Downtown Buda and Pest. Then there are the contrasting Jozsefvaros and the Csepel Művek site which also uniquely contribute to the scenery. But are yet to be sufficiently promoted with potential awareness campaigns for lesser-known tourism trails.Then beyond this point, it was not enough I remained in one place only. All local roads, rivers, rails, and bicycle lanes finally took me beyond the city and borders to all seven surrounding countries. During the early times of mostly independent travel, I felt it was of imperative importance to follow the dynasty of Chieftain Árpad, (see picture) which leads me to Vereckei-hágó. This essential landmark dates back to 896 and is literally the first Hungarian siting ever. Even so, it is now located in Ukraine today.

This also led the way to vintage, old-world Székelyföld in Eastern Transylvania. The routes also took me to the grandiose and monumental Kazan Straits which relates to the River Danube and features Romania on one side, and Serbia on the other. This also came with various bicycle rides to Zagreb, Bratislava, Vienna, Lake Balaton, Miskolc, Szeged, Zalaegerszeg, Rakhiv, River Duna, plus many more. Most of these achievements were within an approximate one-day travel span from my homebase.

All photographs are originals and are taken by me; most are high-quality resolutions. Should you like to order any, please contact “Yorkie” at this site.

With a good quality, all-weather camera and seven-plus years of travel journalism behind me. Atmospheric documentaries are not only creative and rewarding but are always possible to achieve regardless of the weather. It is still my mission to see as many characteristic places and sittings as possible. All, regardless of how they appear, contribute to what I call Budapest & Beyond.

Alexander York

Budapest & Beyond Blog

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