Cutting the Vasilopita of Cyprus Travel & Journalists Society

Beautiful morning with the Cyprus Travel Writers & Journalists Society. Cutting the Vasilopita is a Greek and Cypriot Tradition to bless the house and in our case the society and bring good luck for the new year. The fun part of the tradition is that whoever gets the coin in their slice will have good luck for the rest of the year.
The host of the whole event Cyprus’ Tamasos metropolitan bishop Isaiah.Beautiful speech by Metropolitan Isaiah of Tamassos who also received a “Soul Kit” of course.  Thank you to our President Phivos Nicolaides for everything you do and for getting us together.In addition to visiting the Tamasos and Orinis Metropolis with the Cyprus Travel Writers & Journalists Society this morning, we also had the opportunity to explore the Cyprus Planetarium which opened last June. 


It is the biggest planetarium in the Eastern Mediterranean. Understanding the job of the astronaut…Viewing the universe! Well done Phivos Nicolaides for creating this beautiful opportunity. Watching the stars

Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis Watching the stars.


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