Cyprus-FIJET has held its successive 3rd Annual School Competition “Pausanias the Traveller”

By Philippos Stylianou

Cyprus FIJET has held its successive 3rd Annual School Competition “Pausanias the Traveller”, which this year invited entries from secondary public education schools in the Famagusta District on the theme “The tourism development of the Famagusta and Kyrenia districts from 1960 until 1974.”Launched by the Cyprus Travel Writers and Journalists Association, member of the World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers (FIJET), associate member of UNESCO and member of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), the competition enjoys the full support of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.The presentation, judging and award ceremony of the competition took place at the Town Hall of Agia Napa. In all, six teams of 3rd Grade students from three schools presented an equal number of works, which greatly impressed the audience with their comprehensive outlook, originality and vitality featuring multimedia, narration, song and dance. All winners received award diplomas and plaques to be followed at a later ceremony at their respective schools by monetary prizes.  Sponsors and other contributors were also presented with honorary distinctions by Cyprus-FIJET. The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Costas Koumis, Dr Andreas Sofoklis, the representative of the Education Minister and the Mayor of Agia Napa, Christos Zannettos, all praised the work of Cyprus-FIJET in promoting Cyprus’ tourism and hospitality sector, highlighting in particular the significance of the Pausanias Competition in involving youth, teachers and the community in this endeavour. The competition is named after the 2nd century A.D. Greek traveller and geographer Pausanias who visited all over Greece and handed down to the ages his impressions in the voluminous work The Tour of Greece.The judging committee for 2024 “Pausanias the traveller” awards in meeting to decide the winners: From left: Skevi Constantinou, Dr Andreas Sofoklis, Dr Andreas Georgallides, Maria Pachiti, Persa Andreou, George Michaelides (chairman) and Philippos Stylianou.

Philippos Stylianou

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