Cyprus in black and white photo exhibition in Sunprime Protaras Beach Hotel

SUNPRIME Protaras Beach Hotel celebrated World Toursim Day with a Cyprus black and white old photo exhibition

On September 27th, we embarked on a nostalgic journey to celebrate World Tourism Day in a truly unique way. Hosted at Sunprime Protaras, our ‘Cyprus in Black and White Photos’ exhibition transported us back in time to explore the heart and soul of Cyprus from 1850 to 1975 through the lens of monochrome photography.

For viewers, black and white images give a feeling of nostalgia; it pauses the moment, makes the viewer look at the image closely, thereby urging him to spend more time with the picture. It omits any kind of bright colours and other distractions to the eyes, emphasising the subject and the environment of the picture.

We were honored to welcome the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Costas Koumis, and the President of PASYDIXE and vice president at Famagusta Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mr. Christos Angelides. Their dedication to safeguarding our island’s treasures was evident in their active participation, and their presence was a testament to the importance of our mission.

Black and white photography has a timeless quality that allows the viewer to focus on the subject, rather than being distracted by color. It requires the photographer to pay closer attention to lighting, contrast, and composition in order to create a strong and compelling image.

The photographs are tools to start a conversation about family history. Dates are important to family history but so are the stories. Every picture represents a story. Perhaps it’s just an answer to the why, in this case, why the picture was taken.

Looking back and reminiscing on happy times and special moments, creates an ’emotional bubble’ – as if on auto-response we return to the moment that we can see in the image. This fuses with our wider memories of the occasion that we might not have photographed and transports us back to a happier place.

Photographs can provide glimpses into lives past, long-ago events, and forgotten places. They can help shape our understanding of culture, history, and the identity of the people who appear in them. 

We were delighted to extend our warmest invitations to all our guests, inviting them to join us for a cocktail reception and be a part of this special celebration. Thank you for being a part of our ‘Cyprus in Black and White Photos’ exhibition.

SUNPRIME Protaras Beach Hotel

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