Czech Tourism presented news again in Bratislava

Czech tourism continued its regular cycle of meetings with Slovak journalists, now on the topic of Czech Spa and UNESCO. In the Czech House in Bratislava, the first floor was filled with journalists to the last possible place. Welcome with Becherková pleased. The importance of the event was underlined by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Slovakia, NPP Rudolf Jindrák.The press meeting was again in the presence of destination managers from the Czech Republic. This time they brought new information and new concepts of interesting products in the Karlovy Vary Region. Spas in the Czech Republic are a topic that every journalist accepts as “gold” in terms of therapeutic natural resources of world importance. Czech tourism bet not only on information about the healing effects of spas from the Karlovy Vary region.

Organizing events has always been a part of life in the spa. The sensitive architecture of the new event spaces in the original buildings was presented by Mariánské Lázně. Natural geo routes lead to healing resources in the SOOS National Nature Reserve. A peat bog with bubbling mud is part of the educational route.An interesting and so far perhaps “not so promoted” product in the Karlovy Vary region is announced by the possibilities of visiting mining technical monuments. For the fifth year – the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List – the monument of mining in the Ore Mountains has been included.

The 800-year history of mining in the Ore Mountains is part of a joint project with Germany. Mutual cooperation within the project is documented by the inclusion of 5 components from the Czech Republic and 17 components from Germany. The adit is one of the opportunities to visit the UNESCO mining technical monuments in theKarlovy Vary Region.

Representatives of destinations and their attractions came up with a supply of information and brochures about the Karlovy Vary Region from the point of view of connecting the spa with UNESCO monuments. Managers from the spa also brought vouchers for weekend stays. The draw with the wish of a pleasant stay was successful for the three journalists present.


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