Fijet Croatia participated EUSAIR communication academy in Thessaloniki – Greece


One of  important  projects  Eusair  Facility Point  Fijet  Croatia  participate from 2021. Eusarr has projects with many possibilites. One of them was Eusair Communication Academy held in Thessaloniki, on 4-7 Jul, 2023.

The EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region is one of the four EU macro-regional strategies, besides the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (2009), the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (2011) and the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (2016). The EUSAIR covers ten countries: four EU Member States (Croatia, Greece, Italy, Slovenia) and six non-EU countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, San Marino, Serbia).

The Strategy was jointly developed by the Commission and the Adriatic-Ionian Region countries and stakeholders, which agreed to work together on the areas of common interest for the benefit of each country and the whole region.

Fijet Croatia understood the importance of effective communication in engaging stakeholders and the interested public,and that is precisely what Eusair  Facility Point seeks to achieve. Fijet Croatia  is agreed that the countries are aiming to create synergies and foster coordination among all territories in the Adriatic-Ionian Region in the thematic areas/ pillars:  Ministry of Tourism of Croatia is responsible of Pillar 4-  sustainable tourism. With Ministry of tourism and Interreg Eusair Facility Point, Fijet Croatia started media  support  of mutual interest with high relevance for the Adriatic-Ionian countries, being it common challenges or opportunities.

As a project Media  Partner,  Fijet  Croatia  participated the Presentation of  Eusair Facility Point Project,  organized by Ministry of Tourism( Coordinator for  Sustainable tourism-Pillar 4) and Interreg  Eusair Facility Point in 2021.  Thanks to our members  Biljana Bekic and Andrija  Rudic who are in charge  of  this Eusair Facility Point Project in Croatia.

Cooperation cannot take place without communication, and communication is an interactive and dynamic process that requires knowledge and specific skills that must be constantly invested in. Fijet Croatia  Journalists   Slobodan Kadic and Antoaneta Simunovic are choosed journalists  by Project Management of  Centre for European Perspective located in Slovenia. They   attended EUSAIR 2nd  Communication Academy  held in  Thessaloniki 4-7 July, 2023.

The training was a continuation of EUSAIR Communication Academy, a three-part capacity-building program that took place in 2023.Whereby the first edition focused on the tools and techniques needed for effective digital communication, EUSAIR Communication Academy 2.0  focused on explaining complex and abstract issues in a simple, comprehensible, and persuasive way. The participants gaind the critical skills and tools to support them in effectively communicating EUSAIR to the stakeholders and interested public. Participants were attending the EUSAIR Communication Academy are EUSAIR key implementers, government communicators, and journalists.

During a two-day programme 30 participants from EUSAIR countries attended communication workshops on the topics of simplifying messages and simplifying language, leveraging AI tools for communication purposes as well as effective communication with the media. The theory will be applied to practical tasks conntected to EUSAIR and its communication, such as developing EUSAIR key messages and writing press releases.

The official programme of the EUSAIR Communication Academy  was combined with a rich informal programme aiming to foster an environment for experience sharing among diverse participants. As  journalists, they  have the message that it was very important for their  job. As Slobodan and Antoaneta said: This  professional education and training for journalists was one of the most valuable assets of media environment, recommended to  all National  Associations in this Adriatic Jonian region to  make  a partnership with home representatives of  Eusair projects  for  the next educations.   Thanks  to  Slobodan  and Antoaneta  for  Academy reports.

With  kind   regards,

Tina  and  Marijana 

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