Guillermo Lozano Sharah, FIJET – Americas, Vice President, Man of the year award 2023 – 2024 by World Press Agency

WPA (World Press Agency) is a world leader in providing news, images, video, illustration and other supplemental content from a vast array of global sources. Headquarters 616 Corporate Way, Valley Cottage, New York, 10989, United States

An award is a great way to recognize and appreciate someone’s hard work and dedication, given  to an individual or a team to acknowledge their contributions, achievements, and milestones.  Fijet  is proud of  many  members who were awarded in the past or this  year. Award can also be used to motivate and encourage others to continue their good work and inspire others to strive for excellence, so  we are waiting    for  the new ones in 2024.

We are  happy to inform  you that   GUILLERMO LOZANO  SHARAH, Fijet  Americas  Vice President  is awarded by the World Press Agency as Man of the Year.  Congratulations  to  him  for  Grand Award  Man  of the Year  2023-2024!

With kind regards  to  all,

Marijana  Rebic


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