Maggie Gigova, the first winner of the ABUJET award FIJET-Bulgaria

ABUJET (the Bulgarian Association of Journalists and Writers in Tourism), was founded in 1956 by prominent Bulgarian intellectuals and journalists. It was among the first countries to join the World Federation of Journalists and Writers of Tourism – FIJET in 1958.

The ABUJET Award is established for a journalist or writer actively working to fulfil the goals of the association. The award aims to promote honest and truthful journalism in the international language of tourism and to encourage and unite dozens of ABUJET members.The first winner of the newly established ABUJET award in the name of Maxim Minchev is Maggie Gigova. The prize was presented in the MaxiM Hall of the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA) by the Secretary General of ABUJET and member of the Executive Committee of the World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers (FIJET) Plamen Starev in the presence of many official guests, intellectuals, representatives of Bulgarian culture and tourism, writers, journalists and friends of Maxim Minchev.President of ABUJET for over 15 years, Maxim Minchev (1953-2020), former Director General of BTA, was among the long-standing members of the association. As a journalist, writer and traveller who has visited over 140 countries, M. Minchev has published 13 books with travelogues and impressions from all over the world. Magdalena Gigova is a well-known Bulgarian journalist, photographer and travel writer. She graduated in Journalism from Sofia University “Kl. Ohridski”, as well as “Photojournalism” at the College of Photography “Julius Fuchik”. Maggie has over 35 years of journalistic experience. She was a lecturer in the theory and practice of press at Sofia University “Kl. Ohridski” and lecturer under the “Erasmus+” program. She is the owner of the travel and culture website

Ms Gigova is the host of the programs “Invitation to Travel” and “Legends of Sofia” on Bulgarian National Radio. She is chairman of the jury of the Harlequin International Youth Media Festival and PR of the Bulgarian participation in the Venice Biennial of Arts. Maggie is the author and co-author of 13 books dedicated to tourism and her travels around the world. She has dozens of awards and distinctions, including the International Award “Bulgarian of the Year” in the category “Writer-Traveller”, the Journalism Award of the Hristo Botiyov Foundation, the “Golden Feather” of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists and others.After Magdalena Gigova was awarded the ABUJET Award, the book “On the Roads of Africa” was presented. It contains previously unpublished travelogues of Maxim Minchev.

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