Sulina – Romania, the dying town in the Danube Delta

The Sulina town in Romania, brings sweet memories and nostalgia to Stefan Baciu.Stefan Baciu in the streets of Sulina town. April 26, 2024

Today I arrived at Sulina, the place where my parents used to come on vacation in the 70s. I arrived at the countryside and in front of the building where a restaurant used to operate where, after a week of eating only fish, the mutton soup that I would never have eaten before seemed extremely good. We arrived in front of the historic building of the European Commission of the Danube. The night before I saw the old lighthouse again, which is now inside the city because the seashore advances every year by a few meters to the sea. Incredible, I also saw the ship Moldova, on which I came to Sulina with my parents and their best friends!Sulina, the only town in the Danube Delta, is a small place at the mouth of the Danube, the easternmost locality of Romania, and since 1 January 2007, of the European Union.The “city” is actually built on a narrow tongue of land between the Danube and the Black Sea; surrounded by water, it has no land connection to neighbouring localities.The Old Lighthouse in Sulina, built at the beginning of the 19th century by the Ottoman authorities, administrated in the period 1897-1939 by the European Commission of the Danube, became a museum in 2003. The exhibition shows, through documents and photos, the history of Sulina in the period of the European Commission of the Danube administration and the life of two outstanding personalities connected with this town: the conductor George Georgescu and the writer Jean Bart.Old abandoned structures lie everywhere in Sulina.Sulina is a town and free port in Tulcea County, Northern Dobruja, Romania, at the mouth of the Sulina branch of the Danube. It is the easternmost point of Romania. Annually, the Danube Delta attracts tourists from all over the world, being a charming place. Delta received the award for sustainable tourism in 2011 and is UNESCO’s heritage. The Port of Sulina is a Romanian port situated on the Black Sea, close to the northern border with Ukraine. Located in Sulina, it is the last city through which the Danube flows before entering the Black Sea. The Danube Delta is the second largest river delta in Europe after the Volga Delta. It is, however, the most preserved delta in Europe, with 25 types of ecosystems. It is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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