The future of performance, at the nexus of dance and technology, explored in residencies in Finland, Hungary and Romania

Submissions for Oulu Dance Hack 2024 – international open call until February 18th

Proposing a transdisciplinary concept with the mission of working collectively on new ideas, Oulu Dance Hack 2024 will take place between 27th and 31st May 2024 in central Oulu, Northern Finland. Being part of a larger project realized by TaikaBox (Finland) in partnership with Central Europe Dance Theatre (Hungary) and Developing Art (Romania), the Dance Hack in Finland will be followed by Dance Hacks in Budapest, in November 2024, and Bucharest, in April 2025.            The international call is currently open, and applications are welcome from artists, coders, designers, musicians, dancers, etc – who can demonstrate a commitment to collaboration with a focus on integrating the moving body into their practice.            “Oulu Dance Hack 2024 is a unique opportunity to meet like-minded artists and technology specialists who are interested in creative risk-taking and collaborating in an exciting and supportive atmosphere. Together we explore the relationship between dance and technology to kickstart the future of performance.” – the TaikaBox team.            The Dance Hacks bring a safe space for exploration. Participants will work together to experiment with the provided technology within a performance context, guided by experienced mentors. The technological theme is focused on the relationship between dance and technology, and the process of integrating the two. In the previous year, sensors, interactive projection and soundscape, live musicians and AI have been part of the performative experience.            The programme will also include a matchmaking event on Thursday the 30th of May, and ends with an informal sharing of ideas on the final day – with a small invited audience.            The chosen participants will be paid a fee and per diem for the period of the hack and the traveling days, as well as having accommodation and travel expenses covered. The Dance Hack project is committed to environmental sustainability, so it is essential that participants travel slowly – no flights allowed! The organizers also want to ensure equality throughout the project, so welcome applications from artists with special needs.            Those interested in applying for Oulu Dance Hack 2024 are asked to head to before February 18th, where they can fill in an application form and upload a CV and a brief motivation letter.            Oulu Dance Hack 2024 is realized by TaikaBox (Finland) in partnership with Central Europe Dance Theatre (Hungary) and Developing Art (Romania) and is co-funded by the European Union and Oulu Culture Foundation Oulu2026.TAIKABOX

TaikaBox is a leading Northern European dance/tech organization, focusing not only on delivering fresh concepts in digital and augmented dance, but also developing new methods for community engagement and sustainability within the cultural sector. As originators of the Dance Hack concept in Finland since 2016, TaikaBox immerse themselves in the process, whilst being dedicated to sustainable art creation through slow travel, innovative online systems, and carbon offsetting. Based in Oulu, Finland, they are part of the European Capital of Culture programme in


Progressive. Stylish. Contemporary. CEDT is one of the most innovative dance companies in Hungary. The pieces of their unique repertoire strive for actuality and reflectivity. They chose the diverse language of contemporary dance to incite focus on the problems that arise in everyday life and to formulate answers to the challenges they pose. CEDT, as advertised in its name, undertakes to be tied to a specific geographical region; the Carpathian Basin and its region not only define the main area of its operation, but also a unique world of movement and choice of


Developing Art is a cultural organization based in Bucharest, Romania. Since 2017 it has developed a large number of interdisciplinary projects that prioritize contemporary dance, mixed media, education and research, and visual arts. One of the main goals of the organization is to contribute to and develop good practices in the cultural work processes. DA’s co-founders and members are active in the contemporary arts scene, working in both national and international

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