The Top 21 Festivals in Cyprus (2023)

Party at the carnival parade in Limassol Cyprus.


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Are you looking for a way to make your vacation in Cyprus unforgettable? Then consider adding a Cyprus festival to your travel plans.

The third largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. All have played a part in shaping its culture.

Its festivals, events and holiday celebrations can be very large and exciting. From religious celebrations to music and sport events, there’s something meaningful for everyone throughout the year.

Six years ago, my wife and I landed in Cyprus as expat Canadians.

Now, as full time residents of Cyprus, in between enjoying the beautiful beaches of Paphos and the traditional Cypriot food and drink, we love attending festivals.

They’re the perfect opportunity to socialize, have fun and become immersed in Cypriot culture.

To help you experience the Cypriot way of life, I’ve created a list of the top festivals in Cyprus to add to your travel plans.

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