Team work. Working as a team, we harness the wisdom (and energy!) of the crowd.
Act with purpose. We embrace change and foster innovation. Our creativity and drive are positively contagious and they get results.

We operate openly and foster transparency.
Our team members always know where we stand.
We ‘re inspired by the people and places around us.

Cyprus Travel Writers & Journalists Society’s mission is to inspire travel through responsible journalism. In fulfilling this mission, we hold high these values:

Ethical standards: Cyprus Travel Writers & Journalists Society holds the highest standards for honesty, integrity and professionalism. All members adhere to a code of conduct.

Respect for culture: Cyprus Travel Writers & Journalists Society respects the local customs of the places we visit, and personal wishes of individuals regarding photography and story-gathering techniques.

Sustainability: Cyprus Travel Writers & Journalists Society has long been a leader in emphasizing the importance of responsible, sustainable and balanced tourism. We continue that commitment while appreciating the benefits of cultural understanding and economic activity that come with travel.